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 What is "Classical" Pilates?
- Pilates, a unique system of stretching and strengthening the body. It was first developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's. In the Classical Method of teaching, we adhere strictly to the original foramt and have a devotion to the preserving its integrity. A Classical Instructor is typically invested financially and through vigorous training that will take years to completely understand. Through the instructors dedication of personal practice and continuing education they will become accomplished at this complex and unique style of training.

- Unknown to many, Pilates was first created by a Man for Men. It was also utilized as a rehabilitation technique for injured soldiers, athletes and dancers. It focuses on the core musclature system, which includes the abdominals, arms, back, buttocks and thighs.

- The precise form and execution of Pilates creates a strong yet streamlined physique and better posture. Many people reoprt the alleviation of pain, improved flexibility, improved awareness of movement, better concentration and ability to handle stress. There are many advantages tothe practice of Pilates.

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Can individuals with back problems practice Pilates?
Yes. We advise you to speak with your doctor first. When injuries exist, we advise that you begin with a Private session for your safety and quality of instruction.

What are our new-member procedures?

New members are asked to complete a "Health History" form listing any relevant injuries or health problems. This ensures that our instructors provide the best care for each individual client.

If you have any current injuries, you are required to tell your instructor for your safety. We may need to contact yor Doctor prior to exercising if you meet certain criteriaregarding your health.

What is the "Pilates Powerhouse"?

In Pilates, the core muscle groups of the body (the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks) are known as the "powerhouse". By focusing on these core muscle groups, Pilates practice enables individuals to sculpt longer and leaner muscles with an increased body and movement awreness.  Instructors lead a combination of exercises via precise sequencing to produce a low-intensity yet calorie-burning workout. Our clients gain strength and flexibility.

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